Have you been to Italy? Italy is a well-known nation for its top notch food, fashion and destinations.

Bianconiglio web directory provides information to web directories so it will help visitors, locals and other people of any culture, any nation and of any age know which one is to accessed when searching anything about Italy.

Basically, what people commonly want to know is about the culture, economy, music, show, tour guide and accommodation, sports, society, informatics, shopping, eroticism and so on.

Culture. So many things are to be learnt about the culture in Italy such as the literature (as some famous personalities in literature originated in Italy), museums, poetry, school and history.

Travel. Locals or foreigners like Italy so much where to spend their vacation or any kind of trip. But during the preparation for a trip, so many things needed to check. Bianconiglio web directory provides you the information on the following necessities: restaurants, resort, hotel, farmhouses, bath, campsites, Italy (itself), maps, tour operator, holidays, group travel, festivals and more.

Economy. Topmost concern of people nowadays is the economy as we are living to survive. Information includes information on houses, banks (how is the remittance and accessibility), work (requirement and processes), bags, shoes and others.

Shopping. Includes brand clothing, cars, food, chancellery, jewelry, furniture and furnishings, shoes and much more.

Music. Italy has an exceptional music which includes classical, contemporary, electronics, E-zine, heavy metal, indie, jazz, light, mp3, post-rock, punk, radio and rock.

Show. You will come to know the awesome and best performing actors and actresses of Italy. You can subscribe also to cartoons, cinema, soap-opera and so on.

Sports. It includes martial arts, mountain climbing, athletics, baseball, basketball, gymnastic, football, cycling, beach volley, riding, fitness, golf, formula 1, skateboard, skiing, tennis, ping pong, snowboarding, yoga and much more.

Society. Directories on associations, instruction, average, politics, institutions, media and others.

Informatics. This is very important as world wide web is the main source for information, main access for communication and others. Bianconiglio web directory provides information on computer, emulators, hardware and software.

Eroticism. Includes models, meetings, dating, eros and so on.