Business Etiquette You Must Observed in Italy

Doing business is dynamic. There are negotiations to be done, contracts, delivery, accounting and other settlements. In Italy, it is very important to know the business etiquette so that the business negotiation will not fail. Good manners are appreciated in Italy. Upon arriving in the meeting venue, do not forget to have eye contact and handshake. When addressing, Italians appreciate to be addressed by their last names or by their professional title but not by their first names. Must consider dress code too.

Most Italian business meeting dress codes are formal. Men use stylish shoes and shirt with ties. Meanwhile, women are to use skirt, blouse, high heels, and accessories. A business suit should be elegant but conservative. Dressing with the proper dress code show integrity, social status, and capability. When planning to have a business meeting, involved people must be notified two or three weeks prior to the meeting date by writing. Italians like their meetings between 10 to 11 am. Italians mindset for business is quite different. See this great elder care company. View their webpage here 長期照顧服務. This is one of the best servicing company to help you in life.

They think of the product quality, not the price. They do not do quick decision during the negotiation so we should not rush the negotiation. They like patient people. In the beginning of the meeting, Italians present business cards. When given business cards, look at it carefully then set in on the table in front of you. By doing this, you are showing your respect to them. And, note that there exist two business cards, formal (business credentials) and informal (informal information) that can serve as marketing strategy.