The State of Italy in the Middle Ages

After the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, Germanic invasion followed in 476 AD. However, Germanic ruling did not last long since Ostrogoths took over the throne under Byzantine Empire. In 568 AD, Lombards marched towards the city and captured Italy from the hands of the Byzantine Empire. Due to this, Italy suffered from the domination of many empires. Lombards dominated the city and even made a treaty with the Pope of Rome in 728. At that time, Pope Gregory II was enjoying his reign to its utmost height.

He eventually came to rule over the City of Sutri and Ratium as a  result of the agreement with the Lombard ruler. However , in 752 AD when Pope Stephen the II sat on the throne, he asked the help of the King of Franks, Pepin, to conquer the territory of central Italy. Such thing happened and the Pope ruled over Italy and this resulted to the establishment of that Papal State. The Papal power ruled over Rome, Italy and the territory outside Rome. Look at this interior designing company. View their website over here 室內設計網站. They will do a great make over to your house.

Holy Roman Empire was established under the authority of the Popes a thus this was the start of the Papal power over the country.  After this, Northern Italy was  ruled over by the Byzantine Empire and the Southern Italy was conquered by many Muslims. Many people might have been wandered from their nations because there was another breakout  in the early 12th century due to the Norman invasion. Like this, Italy was trampled by different kingdoms in the middle ages and surely every one of them.