Internet Usage and ICT in Italy

Italy is one of the nations in Europe degraded in the usage of the internet. Italians in the urban places access internet regularly but still according to statistics, the average users of internet in Italy is much lower compared to that of the Europe’s. Actually, even internet speed is slow as they do not have that fast and sufficient internet providers like DSL. They much depended on broadband as the source of internet connection. Usage of internet Europe and Italy is progressing slowly even to this day.

Since internet usage is low, the ICT skills are found to be poor. There are very few companies for ICT and therefore, ICT professionals and specialist are not much needed because most citizens are not internet users. However, there is a movement in Italy to promote the use of internet so the country will not be deprived from the internet world. Of course the country is rich, one of the richest in the world but poor in internet compared to other countries that are poorer than the country, but high in internet usage.

The country is already rich and progressing. However, internet usage is already very powerful in this age that raises development and creates employment. Italy missed this given opportunity. There are surely internet providers for them if they could become willing to use internet. Seeing that a bill is declared for the internet usage right, perhaps the citizens do not really have that right in using internet such as facebook, twitter and others. Using these will make them internet users and increase their knowledge in ICT.