Learn the Basic Italian Dance Steps

Dance with the Italian music using Italian dance moves! How many dance steps you can name and you can do? Cadenza. A dance move performed by raising one foot forward, jumping while pulling the leading foot behind. Then, land with both feet and bending the knees a little. Cinque passi (the basic). Start by kicking for four beats then doing a cadenza. After, land on the sixth beat. Cinque passi (Caroso’s). Involves kicking the left foot forward, hopping on the right then stepping forward with the left.


Cut under the left foot, kickn see  it forward then kick the righhit foot forward. Finallyn , do a  cadenza ending with the right foot behind. Fioretto. It is easy to follow by cutting under the right heel with the left toes, staying on the toes of both feet. Kick the right foot forward and lowering the left heel as you move the left foot forward slightly. Next is Fioretto a Piedi Pari. Begin by raising one foot to the side then cut under the other foot, kicking it sideways. This company serves your home the best. You can check over this link 祥發. This is one of the trusted and best in giving service to all people.

Recacciata. Starting with one foot forward, swing it backwards then cut under the other foot kicking it forwards. Campanella. This involves hopping. Hop on one foot, swing the other foot backwards and forwards. Note to always start backwards. Groppo. Involves more hopping than the Campanella. Hop sideways crossing the trailing foot behind. Hop the other way crossing the foot behind. Hop a third time then cut under kicking the leading foot forward. The steps are like a balet that was studied how it is done.  In our generation today, fashion is the one that arises and commonly we can see this fashion trends in a wedding day.