Sales of Wines, Different Varieties

“A couple of years ago, a group of friends are having dinner and wine came to the discussion. Each one supported his convictions and tried to convince others, of the goodness of their experiences!

The taste and the pleasure of discovery have never left them. Probably, they define it as “Passion”.

Each one specified its flavor in certain directions. Vanessa prefers the white wines to the reds and in any case. She loves the soft, round and accented wines. Roberto and Pauline, are the opposite, drink exclusively body reds and mature, with wild tannins. Edward, on the other hand, is the most versatile, in the sense that he loves all types of wine as long as they are a good factory. He is not extremist. He favors wines, likes to try and taste different wines.”

Different wine varieties include white, white abocado, appetizer, sweet white, cachaça, digging, champagne, cognac, Geneva, grappa, kirsch, Lambrusco, liqueur, limoncello, mustacel, sweet oloroso, port, marc, rancid, ron, pink, sill, tequila, red, red wine, vermouth, vinegar, came, wine of mass, sweet wine, vodka and whiskey.

Introducing wine from Andalusia. Its wines are one of the most fascinating phenomena of oenology, wines of biological aging (fines, manzanillas and amontillados). Wines of the Canary Islands, wines of Castilla y Leon, wines of the Valencian Community, wines of La Rioja, wines of Murcia, wines of the Principality of Asturias, wines of Aragon, wines of Cantabria, wines of Catalonia, wines from Euskadi-Basque country, wines from Madrid, wines of Navarre, wines of the Balearic Islands, wines of Castilla la Manca, wines of Ceuta, wines of Extremadura, wines from Galicia, wines of Melilla and wines of the Principality of Andorra.